Group Sessions

Our group sessions are a great way for students and parents to cut back on the cost of the sessions (only 40$/student per hour), while receiving the same exact content delivery and coaching.  Many students learn better in a small group environment and may feel more comfortable asking questions.  In addition, many times a question asked by one student may be the same question another student had or perhaps did not think to ask.  Students also have more fun in groups!  Our group sessions are formed primarily through word-of-mouth as students and parents are encouraged to talk to their friends or someone else they think might also benefit from some extra coaching.  If a few students need to get together for a one-time study session before a test, we are perfectly happy to accommodate, but are also happy to setup a weekly or even biweekly group class for students in the same school or area.  Our group sessions are the most effective when everyone in the class is working on the same material at the same time, so talk to your friends and let’s have fun learning together!