Why Choose Us?

Free Trial Session

We offer a complementary 45-min trial session to all potential customers.  This is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know your child, to identify strengths and weaknesses, and for you to see if we are a good fit for you and your child’s goals.   

Competitive Pricing

There are many online math companies and tutors who charge between $100 – $200 per hour, and with our discount packages, our prices are very reasonable. 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Most tutoring companies require payment up front prior to the sessions.  We do not bill until AFTER the session to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our services and we have met their needs. 


In the school setting, Coach Mark consistently had one of the lowest failure rates of any teacher or subject in the entire school.  He consistently outperformed the state, the county, and even teachers in his own building with his student’s scores on the state mandated end-of-course tests (EOCs).  In the tutoring setting, Coach Mark consistently beat the expectations and goals of the student as well as the student’s parents/guardians.  Students gain a new-found confidence in math and even start to enjoy it!  

Fast Respone Time

Our average response times are some of the fastest in the business when we are contacted either through the main contact form or our website or by phone and email.  It will not take very long for you to hear back from us, sometimes in matter of minutes.  

Relationship with the Student

Coach Mark treats his students as people and not just names in a grade book.  He will always take a short amount of time (free of charge) before each session to get to know the student and ask about their lives outside of school.  He will use little games, play musical instruments, and use humor to engage the learner so they will want to come back.  The relationship between a teacher/tutor and student is one of, if not the most important aspect of achieving success in math.  

Industry and Real World Background

Coach Mark has an advantage over other teachers and tutors because of his engineering background that allows him to tie the math into the real world so students can understand and see where the math can be applied.  When students see the possible applications of mathematics, they are much more interested in learning the concepts.  For students closer to graduating from high school, he has given tips and advice on how to have an attractive resume, securing field experience and co-oping jobs, as well as helping students with their interviewing skills.  

Delivery of Lessons

A large portion of students under Coach Mark’s tutelage have stated he is the best teacher they have ever had at any level or subject.  Coach Mark has a way of explaining things that just click with students, and if not, he has multiple ways of delivering the content to take into account the wide range of ways different students learn.  We have hundreds of videos in our bank that can be shared with the students as well as the recorded sessions for our online students.  Coach Mark also goes through great lengths to emphasize and coach students how to check their answers to ensure they work the problem correctly through various strategies including calculator tips and secrets.      

Passion and Dedication

We are passionate about helping your child succeed, and will stop at nothing to ensure our students have all the tools, resources, knowledge, and skills to help them achieve their goals!

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